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Easy Foldable Travel Crib

Easy Foldable Travel Crib

Easy Foldable Travel Crib

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Is it a problem to carry your baby’s crib everywhere you travel because of the lack of space or weight? Not with this Portable Crib!



This crib is a must-have for parents who love to travel or even for those who love their weekend family outings to parks etc. It’s a self-expanding mesh tent that can be installed within seconds as it can be popped open and folded back down in seconds.






We know what you’re thinking: why is the mattress on the ground? Aren’t travel cribs supposed to raise a baby up? Well, here are just a few reasons that parents have loved our floor-resting design.



NO ‘SHAKE’ EFFECT Supporting weight higher up in raised mattress cribs can cause them to shake or squeak when your little one tosses and turns leading to a ‘startle’ effect that wakes some kids up.



CARRY AND MOVE EASIER The mattress support structure in traditional raised platform cribs adds to the total packed size and weight making them harder to travel or store in your home.



BETTER CONNECTION Sleeping in a new place can be scary and unknown, so with the door unzipped you can cuddle or nurse your little one to sleep. That way they (and you) feel safe & secure.




  • The two-way zipper enables easy access to your baby inside the tent
  • Comes with a soft and comfortable bed.
  • Made of breathable translucent mesh which helps you get an easy view of the baby while keeping the crib well ventilated.
  • Protects your baby from wind, dust, insects.
  • Saves up a ton of space with its uniquely engineered foldable design
  • Recommended for babies less than 3 years of age.


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