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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

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If you want to remove your body hairs once and for all, this laser remover will help you. It has a large screen display to make it easier for you to use it at best. Usage:

 1) First plug in the power supply, start the power supply, when the screen is on, select the appropriate gear, the indicator will always be on. 

2) Put the laser head on the skin and press the light-out button. 

3) The intensity can be adjusted by pressing the power button short. Advantages of the product:

     1. Large screen digital display: parameters include residual number, gear symbol, lighting mode (automatic or manual); function (HR or SR) at a glance. 

     2.Eight-stage energy support: Different people have different sensations of heat. Eight-stage energy changes more subtly and is easier to master.

     3. Portable permanent hair removal instrument: Portable hair removal instrument, equipped with 600,000 hair replaceable lamp caps, such as mobile phone size, easy to carry, 24 hours can be used anywhere. 


power supply: AC

 power mode: electric

 cleaning type: no washing

hair removal part: whole body

working mode: laser

 feature: big screen, eight gears.

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